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standard operating procedure
SOPs for Devraj Niwas, Jaipur
  • Every person is checked for temperature at the check-in counter.

  • Face masks, gloves, frequent sanitization of hands are compulsory for the staff.

  • Masks, gloves and sanitizers are placed in the lobby, lounge, and dining area for the guests’ use.

  • All rooms and surfaces are disinfected and wiped on regular basis.

  • Each room has a separate air-con with proper ventilation.

  • All rooms have separate and private entrance.

  • All guest touch points (like furniture in common areas, switches etc.) are disinfected frequently.

  • Open spaces, garden and common areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

  • Social distancing by our staff will be maintained in the lobby, restaurant & lounge.

  • A small inventory of 21 rooms with maximum open space & lush greenery will be operational in the property.


Reception will greet guests with folded hands (Namaste), while maintaining a safe distance.

Hand sanitizers and disposable masks will be available at entrance of Devraj Niwas.

All the guests will undergo temperature checks, if the temperature is found to be more than 99 F then a doctor will be called for medical assistance and further course of action will be taken as needed.

All the local agents, transporters or other service providers will enter the hotel premises after undergoing the temperature checks.

All the vehicles and baggage of guests will be sanitized on arrival with correctly formulated disinfectant.


Check-in & Check-out

All information required for registration will be requested in advance to reduce the time spent upon arrival.

Guests arriving from restricted countries or regions will be required to share detailed information, as prescribed by the Ministry of Tourism’s protocols, prior to arrival.

Digitalized check out process with e-bills and online card payments will be available on request.


Guests are requested to advise check-out plans at least one hour in advance so that the bills can be generated in time for the check-out.


In Room Dining

Service staff will wear glove, face mask, face shields and carry hand sanitizers.

All the ordered dishes will be handled with utmost hygiene and minimum touch.

To maximize social distancing and to avoid entering guest room by service staff, the service staff will place the dishes on a table outside the room and inform the guest to pick up their orders from the table.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant seating will be reconfigured to ensure safe distancing.

Staff will wear disposable gloves, face masks & face shields.

Digitalized process of ordering food and bill payments will be followed for dine-in and drive in guests.

All tables & chairs will be sanitized before and after every meal as well as every guest use.

Bartenders will wear and frequently change disposable gloves while working at the bar counter.

Alcohol display areas with bottles will be cleaned and sanitized before and after each meal period.

Chopping board will be sanitized frequently.



Frequent cleaning of all touch points in lobby, lounge and dining areas such as counter tops, door handles & guest furniture.

Hand sanitizers will be available at all counters.

Unused room linen and bath linen will also be sent to laundry on departure.

Deep cleaning of rooms will be done with extra focus on surfaces such as door handles, knobs, remote controls, writing table tops, switches, telephones, WC flush handles, health faucets, vanity counters and floors.

All room linen such as pillow covers, cushions, sheets, sheet protectors, duvet covers will be sent to laundry for cleaning after each guest departure.

Blinds, rugs, upholstered furniture will be deep cleaned after every departure.

In occupied rooms, all glassware (used or unused) will be washed with hot water before and after the use.


Laundry staff will wear face mask and gloves.

Separate bags will be used to transport soiled and fresh linen from guest rooms to housekeeping and laundry, to avoid cross contamination.

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